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Tab Manager

When a user finds themselves with too many tabs, scrolling through the list is one option. Another is not load the tabs in the Home Server Console normally and instead load them in a separate tab list, allowing users to better organize their tabs between frequently used items on the mail tool bar, and less used items in the Tab Manager List.

Tab Manager allows just this through the renaming of the underlying files that  (as specified by the user) so as to allow Tab Manager to load the tabs instead of the Home Server Console.

Power Pack 1

Due to the way Tab Manager attempts to hide tabs from console at load time and changes in Power Pack 1 I have advised that people remove Tab Manager prior to upgrading to PP1 and do not use it afterwards.



Home Server Console with a number of tabs being handled by Tab Manager:

Home Server Console - With Tab Manager

Tab Manager list collapsed:

Home Server Console - With Tab Manager - Hidden

Settings View:

Tab Manager Settings