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Other WHS Projects

Aside from numerous add-ins, I've also released several bits of code to make general add-in development easier, these projects include:

Test Loader

First posted about on the WHS forums several months earlier and then updated for WHS Dev Tip #7, Test Loader is a simple application that loads Home Server add-ins into a test environment has similar loading rules and mechanisms as the Home Server Console, all allowing a developer to more easily test their add-in both visually and mechanically, while separete from any actual Home Server.

Project Templates

As part of WHS Dev Tip #4, using these project templates, developers can now create a Windows Home Serve add-in almost as easy as they can a new Windows application with the File -> New menu sequence, specifying a name and coding.

Note: Due to a bug in Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, a minor change is required to the created project before it can be deployed. See the initial post for full details.

Intellisense Support

As beneficial as the official online SDK Documentation is, it is not accessible in a form that developers are used to: Intellisense when writing their code.

As part of WHS Dev Tip #3 a pair of XML documentation libraries were created which provide most of the same type and argument information to the developer as is available online.