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The first and only DHCP server (as far as I can tell) written in C# originally began out of boredom over lunch one day at work in late 2005, when I wanted more control over DHCP in my house than my off the shelf router would provide, without having to run a stand alone box to run Windows Server or Linux.

With the announcement of the Windows Home Server Code2Fame challenge I got serious about turning it from it's original state of a simple set of classes only barley capable of parsing DHCP messages into a fully fledged server that has been the only used DHCP server in my home for many months.

Today it offers an extremely simple to use interface to allow a user to setup reservations for their home and view and manage existing address leases, all from the Windows Home Server Console.



Leases view of DHCP4WHS

Reservations view of DHCP4WHS

Settings of DHCP4WHS